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INSTANET Nigeria Limited VSAT solution is a satellite-based Business Quality Broadband Intranet or Internet service specifically designed to provide organizations, homes with a fast broadband speed up to 100Mbps, 99.5% reliable service anywhere in a satellite footprint at an affordable cost. INSTANET utilizes the most modern Ka and Ku Band Satellites.



Through our affiliate partnership with Eutelsat, YahSat, and in view with second satellite broadband generation technology with oneweb and spaceX on the LEO plans. we are changing lives, businesses and organizations with satellite broadband that unleashes true potential.

Stay connected with always on broadband solutions with innovative packages tailored just for you.

Our low cost direct satellite internet access solution. It is a reliable service that is “always on”, a telecommunication service on which you can depend on for the day-to-day efficient operation of your business. Our Vsat Broadband Solution includes both a Business Quality Data Communications Solution and a Business Quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).



INSTANET has many years of experience in designing, implementing and operating high-end satellite corporate data networks for customer specific Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions and Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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Our Fiber solution gives you fast bandwidth connection between your premises and our network with guaranteed throughputs and defined service levels and less interruptions.

Direct connection is the key to a fast and responsive customer experience and Instanet’s connectivity services ensure critical support for your business operations which is made possible by our deployment of world class telecommunications infrastructure, including, terrestrial fiber, microwave metro and inter-city networks which guarantees you reliable connections via multiple points of presence (POPs) across Nigeria.

By leveraging on our global partnership with leading NCC licensed ISPs and OEMs, Instanet has the footprint to provide reliable business quality connectivity to your regional branches nationwide. We have built our fiber network over diverse routes in order to make it resilient and redundant.

High speed – Low Latency Internet access

Low cost – High benefits a reliable Corporate grade service with high availability suitable for business use.

Solution that supports Voice over IP, Audio/Video conferencing, VPNs and other latest communication trends.

An enjoyable internet experience enhanced by superior customer service.

State-of-the-art and standardized technology providing Quality of Service (QoS) and Resilient coverage via Enhanced Mobile Wimax technology.

Dedicated Bandwidth with speeds ranging from 512mbps, 10MB or higher.

Total Support: Excellent Business grade support – End to End 24 x 7.

Value Added Services: Online Data Backup, Cloud Anti-Virus and Intranet Collaboration.

Our antennas permit the link to have better speed and/or better reach for the same amount of power.


FiberSat is an innovative combination of INSTANET’s Vsat Broadband connection and Fiber Optics technologies. It offers the best of both technologies to give the customer higher availability and robust Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The solution is a fully redundant suite with an automatic failover switch to guarantee business continuity and efficiency.

* Two Live Links at the Price of One

~ One Fiber and One Vsat that offers 100% redundancy and a 99.5% Guaranteed uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

* Dedicated Bandwidth with speeds ranging from 10mbps, 100mbps and higher

~ FiberSat offers the combined High speed of Fiber and the Reliability of VSAT.

* Excellent support for business.

~ Our instanet speed fusion Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling you to combine the speed of multiple connections. This is useful for situations where bandwidth is scarce, such as at a remote site, or in a moving vehicle. This technology also enables branch offices to connect to the head office at greater connection speeds.